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2016 analysis on developing situation of Chinese diesel generator
Dec 01, 2016

Diesel generators in the world market in recent years maintained a stable growth, the annual growth rate of around 5%, by 2015, the global diesel generator market has more than $8.5 billion. With implementing the policy of stimulating domestic demand, diesel generator market growth in the coming years is expected to be not less than 10%, between 2018 and the market scale will reach 41 billion yuan.
Diesel generator market in China developed rapidly in recent years, many effects of a blackout, diesel generator market in China has developed rapidly, due to the lack of electricity led to power shortages, some factories, businesses to standby power supply has become a necessary task, generating sharp rise in Group sales in this period of time, resulting in factory production in short supply. In 2015, the diesel generator market demands more than 19 billion yuan, diesel generator industry sales of more than 11.5 billion yuan, diesel generator unit gross margin was 14.3%.