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Diesel generator what are the uses of
Dec 01, 2016

1. own. Some electrical unit without power supply, such as the outlying islands and in remote pastoral areas, rural, camp, station, station on the desert plateau, you need to configure your own. The so-called own, is the spontaneous use of power, in the case of power are not too big, diesel generators are often self-powered preferred.
2. backup power. Main uses is some electricity units although has has compared sound reliable of network electric supply, but to prevent accident situation, as appeared circuit fault or occurred temporary blackout like, still can configuration as emergency power using, using power of electricity units General on power guarantees of requirements compared high, even 1 points one seconds of blackout are not was allows, must in network electric terminated power of moments on with since emergency prepared power to replacement, or on will caused district big loss. This class units including some traditional of high power guarantees units, as hospital, and mine, and power plant security power, makes electricity heating equipment of factory,; in recent years, network power especially became alternate power needs of new growth, as telecommunications operators, and Bank, and airport, and command center, and database, and highway, and high grade Hotel Office, and senior catering entertainment,, due to using network management, these units are increasingly became alternate power using of subject.