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Differences between natural gas generator and diesel generator sets
Dec 01, 2016

key components (piston)
Natural gas generator type structure for two reasons.
1. the compression ratio can be reduced. Natural gas generator compression ratio is not too big, otherwise easy to knock. Natural gas engine with 8.3:1 compression ratio, engine compression ratio of 14:1.
2. no requirements like a diesel engine oil-, natural gas engine air in the combustion chamber formed by gas mixture, so it is flat at the top of the piston, combustion chamber temperature than diesel and gas engines as much if made into a variety of shapes, edges, bottom and edge will burn because of high temperature.
key parts (camshaft)
Gas engine camshaft and engine style is different. Diesel engine valve overlap angle is 128 °, so you can have a plenty of time for scavenging, cylinder, valve, high temperature parts such as cylinder head temperatures down. Natural gas engine valve overlap angle of 22 degrees, scavenging can only be launched through the piston cannot be large scavenging. This is one reason gas engine exhaust temperature is much higher than diesel engine.