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Fuel improvement of diesel generator set can reduce pollution
Dec 01, 2016

1, intake manifold water spray
Intake manifold water absorbing and diluting the fuel density is the main role. When a small amount of water into the combustion chamber and when they spray, because water vapor "microexplosion" role of oil droplet breakup into smaller droplets, and thus promotes mixture formation and combustion. Water trapping effects during combustion processes to reduce peak combustion temperatures, such as water and oil mixed into the fuel density can be reduced, to further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, NOx emission reductions. Should be noted that diesel generator winter storage tanks need antifreeze and called load size automatically spray water.
2, emulsified diesel oil
Water in diesel fuel, namely emulsifying diesel oil, due to its "emblem" its role, making it good fuel atomization, turbulent flow of air in the combustion chamber formed a strong, more uniform distribution of the fuel and air, the resulting carbon smoke reduced. Steam water gas reactions also reduce carbon emission. In addition, the emulsion can reduce peak combustion temperatures thus reduces NOx generation.