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Generator maintenance
Dec 01, 2016

First, daily maintenance
• Check the fuel, cooling and lubrication system, and check for leaks.
Ø check engine coolant heater (if installed), if the temperature is too low, the heater may not be working.
• Check whether the switching mechanism is in automatic position.
Second, weekly maintenance
• Check the engine oil level and cooling.
• Check the battery charging system.
Third, the monthly maintenance
• Check the air filter restriction.
• Try to start the generator, running for more than 30 minutes (the load shall not be less than half the ratings). Check the running unit if abnormal vibration, smoke or coolant leakage, fuel and noise. Regular test run can be lubricated engine parts, improve the reliability of starting, prevent oxidation circuit connector fuel deterioration.
• Check that the radiator is leaking or loose connections.
• Check the fuel level and oil pump.
• Check exhaust system for leaks or excessive resistance discharge condensate.
• Check the battery cable connections; should be charging when battery fluid specific gravity less than 1.260.
• Check the inlet and outlet of generator ventilation resistance; check the maintenance tools are ready.