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How to extend the use of diesel generators span
Dec 01, 2016

Diesel generator set of wearing parts include air filters, oil filters and diesel fuel filter these three filters ' to extend the use life of diesel generator ' application process ' will strengthen air filters, oil filters and diesel fuel filter this filter to protect ' their full effect. Air filter when the device is not missing, reverse mounted or wrong loaded the sealing washer and rubber company accepted ' and to ensure that the block of rigor. Use paper air filter dust Cup ' 50-100 hours per job ' to eliminate dust 1 ' appearance use a soft brush to brush the dust off ' if homework time to cross the 500-hour is corrupt ' should be replaced in a timely manner. Using oil-bath air cleaner ' 100-200 hours per job ' use of clean diesel clean filter ' and replace the oil ' filter broken ' will need to be replaced ' and see in the use of ' add oil by the rules.
Oil filter not in the use of diesel generators to protect filter blockage, add engine oil pressure safety valve opening ' smooth oil flow directly into the river ' will add to smooth the appearance of wearing ' diesel generators use days. Thus the ' oil filter 180-200 hours per job ' to clean 1 ' found the damage ' should replace ' to avoid impurities into a smooth appearance. Diesel generator set season use ' should also clean the crankcase and smooth appearance ' is used for washing after oil, kerosene and diesel oil ' may, taking part in cleaning agents cleaning of oil released ' and ' low speed operation of diesel generator 3-5 minutes and put wash oil ' new oil.