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Production requirements for low noise diesel generator
Dec 01, 2016

1, the remarkable low-noise performance, noise limits for 68 DB at 7 m from unit;
2, low noise diesel generator for environmentally-friendly paint, pickling phosphate processing, can be used as fire and corrosion effects. Along with unique rain Groove and seal design, static speakers rain more weather resistant;
3, the overall design of compact structure, small volume, styling and beautiful;
4, efficient noise reduction design of inlet and exhaust ventilation type multi-channel, prevents debris and dust inhalation, increased air intake and exhaust areas, ensuring the unit has sufficient performance guarantees;
5, large impedance compound muffler, the noise reduction effect to achieve the best;
6 and 12 hours daily fuel tank capacity the base;
7, ad hoc quick open cover and maintenance more convenient;
8, in order to meet the special needs of working environment, mobile generating set manufacturers developed low noise diesel generator, meet the need of workplace change.