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The principle and advantages of biogas technology
Dec 01, 2016

Biogas provides clean energy generation technology itself, not only to solve the environmental problems in biogas projects, consumed a lot of waste, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, generated a lot of heat and electricity, energy recycling environmental protection concepts, it also brings enormous economic benefits.
Biogas technology is a collection of environmental protection and energy saving of energy utilization technologies. It is using industrial, and agricultural or town life in the of large organic waste (for example Lees liquid, and poultry livestock manure, and city garbage and sewage,), by anaerobic fermentation processing produced of biogas, drive biogas power unit power, and can full will generator group of heat for biogas production, makes integrated efficiency up 80% around, greatly above General 30%-40% of power efficiency, economic significantly.
Pure methane for Central gas supply and heat, limited coverage, reliability is lower, and the methane as fuel to generate electricity on-site power generation, power generation with biogas production changed the flexibility to adjust, you can make full use of biogas.