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What is methane power generation
Dec 01, 2016

1. Rationale: the technology for green and energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources in one of the best practical techniques, it can address the needs of rural household energy, suitable for general rural health needs. It uses large amounts of organic waste in agriculture or rural country life (for example: liquid Distiller's grains, livestock manure, sewage, etc) by anaerobic fermentation produces biogas, household cooking and to drive the gas generator, and make full use of waste heat from generators, integrated thermal efficiency of about 75%. So as to achieve the goal of both environmental protection and energy saving.
2. key equipment: power is essential equipment for the commercial use of biogas biogas unit. I am using proprietary technology, successful production of biogas generator power 20-600kW power.
3. scope of application: where there are large amounts of organic waste of factories and enterprises, such as alcohol plants, sugar refineries, livestock farms, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, slaughterhouses, sewage treatment plants, and 200-100kw units are particularly suitable for use by villages, small towns. Extension of this technology, and can also be developed for different the gas generator, thus expanding the scope of application.
4. operation: power stations and generators with automatic alarm systems, unexpected situations can sound and light alarm, and automatic stop. During normal operation, only two operators on duty.