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Biomass Generator Is Conducive To Energy Conservation
Jun 13, 2017

Biomass Generator is a combination of economic, ecological and social benefits, is an important part of renewable energy. Despite being generally optimistic about the outside world, and has been locked in various types of capital, appears to be facing a rapid development period. But the industry generally believe that a variety of uncertain factors are increasing, such as environmental protection, electricity, policy, capital and technology. Most importantly, as the main raw material of straw in the use of no subversive breakthrough, is the development of the industry Mishap.

Advantages of Biomass Generator

First of all, Biomass Generator is conducive to energy conservation. Straw burning is one of the main causes of the large haze in the northern region in recent years. With the substantial increase in rural crop production in China, straw treatment has become a major problem, large-scale burning straw despite repeated prohibitions. Biomass Generator with carbon neutralization effect, and fossil energy than the sulfur, nitrogen and other low content, through the concentration of combustion and equipment, such as dust removal and desulfurization and other equipment, help to reduce emissions and promote air pollution control. Operating a 30,000 kilowatts of biomass generating units, compared with the same type of thermal power units, annual savings of 80,000 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions of 200,000 tons.

Second, Biomass Generator helps to adjust the energy consumption structure. Biomass as a renewable energy source, a wide range of sources, rich in reserves, renewable and can be stored. Biomass Generator principle and thermal power similar to the power stability, high quality, more friendly for the grid; compared with the same stable hydropower, Biomass Generator hours of 7000-8000 hours. The development of Biomass Generator is one of the effective ways to replace traditional energy sources with renewable energy. It is an important way to replace fossil fuels, increase energy supply, adjust energy structure, and build a stable, economical, clean and safe energy supply system to ensure energy security. Significance.

Finally, Biomass Generator can also help precision poverty alleviation. Biomass Generator has the characteristics of long industrial chain and strong driving force. It is an important carrier for the development of agriculture, industry and service industry. It is a tool for industrial precision poverty alleviation. Installed capacity of 30,000 kilowatts of bio-generating projects in the annual consumption of about 270,000 tons of biomass, such as the purchase price of 300 yuan per ton of straw, will drive the region in the annual income of farmers more than 8,000 yuan. At the same time, around the straw of the acquisition, storage, transportation and other industrial chain, for the local rural areas to provide 2,000 jobs.

Biomass energy development and utilization of both economic, ecological and social benefits. The cost of generating eco-environmental benefits is also derived from the total cost of the enterprise. Many enterprises are reflected to all levels of government and the competent authorities through different channels. This fee should be removed from the total cost, borne by the government, and returned through the policy subsidy Farmers or enterprises, to achieve environmental benefits shared by all the people. Now many provinces and cities have introduced a comprehensive utilization of straw subsidies, and some subsidies to the enterprise, and some subsidies to the fuel broker, regardless of the final income who is ultimately to promote the development of the industry, improve the straw fuel Comprehensive utilization. But we see that many of the policies are 2-3 years of subsidy, there is no long-term mechanism, whether the future can continue, to be closer to the observation. If you remove the subsidies once, then it will not bring a negative impact to the industry, which will be biomass power plants have to face an important issue.

With the expansion of the biomass direct-fired power generation market and the fierce competition, more and more enterprises are crazy to purchase urban residues, while ignoring the development of local straw resources, and even established the straw supply system has been abandoned The Do not attach importance to the development and utilization of local straw resources, contrary to the original intention of enterprises in this site is a serious shift in the positioning of corporate functions, local governments will not use local resources and do not support the development of local tricks, will give Enterprise health and sustainable development has far-reaching impact.