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Biomass Generator Reflect The Superiority And Economy Of Technology
Jun 22, 2017

With the increasing emphasis on the environment, the whole society began to use various means to reduce the environmental damage caused by industrial and agricultural production. In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission formulated the "Renewable Energy Law" and the relevant implementation measures, clearly proposed to encourage biogas, solar and other "green power", while the gas generating units generated by the waste heat can also provide hot water or steam, can also drive lithium bromide unit Used to cool,Biomass Generator  composed of thermoelectric cooling triple supply system, making the energy utilization rate of more than 70%, to ease the regional and regional energy sources will play an important complementary role.

Biomass Generator do both, one is to reduce environmental pollution, is conducive to environmental protection; Second, gas power generation can ease the contradiction between power supply and demand, reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

There are many specific types of biomass gas, plant species are the most important is our common wood, crops (straw, straw, straw, beans, cotton rods, chaff, etc.), weeds, algae and so on. Non-plant species are mainly feces, animal body body, the organic ingredients in the waste, the organic ingredients in the garbage.

At present, there are three main forms of biomass power generation: gasification power generation, direct combustion power generation, combined heat and power technology. China has a good living conditions and development space because of its vast territory, abundant biomass resources and relatively tight supply of electricity. Biomass gasification power generation technology (BGPG) can greatly develop the biomass gasification power generation technology (BGPG) in China. The superiority and economy of technology.

The main components of the gas after gasification are CO (20%), H2 (9%), CH4 (12%), CO2 (12%), 02 (1%), N2 (52%). Heat generation is 5-6MJ / NM3.

Gasification rate: about 2nm3 per kilogram of dry raw material gas, energy conversion rate of more than 85%. 1 kg of biomass about 1kwh.

The company and the production of a number of generating units in the industry to maintain close technical cooperation, independent research and development production: biogas generating units, gas generating units, natural gas generating units, biogas generating units, coking gas generating units, gas generators, diesel generators and Diesel engines and other full range of products. The current product power coverage, its power,Biomass Generator  economy, reliability has reached the advanced level in the industry, over the years has maintained a high market share, product sales throughout the country and successfully into the international market. Companies with excellent product performance, and improve after-sales service, access to domestic and foreign customers praise, and a number of industrial and mining enterprises and institutions to determine the preferred product for the backup power supply.