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Biomass Generator To Meet All Forms Of Energy Needs
Jul 13, 2017

Biomass Generator power generation has the economic, ecological and social and other comprehensive benefits, has entered a stable development stage. Although the industry is still facing some problems, the industry generally agreed that as long as the policy, financial and technical aspects to give appropriate support, Biomass Generator power generation prospects.

Biomass Generator can be directly or indirectly derived from plant photosynthesis, generally based on agriculture and forestry resources, domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater, urban organic solid waste and livestock and poultry manure, etc., with a wide range of environmentally friendly, rich in reserves, renewable and renewable And so on. Biomass Generator energy can be converted to different fuel types by physical conversion (solid form fuel), chemical conversion (direct combustion, gasification, liquefaction), biotransformation (eg, fermentation to methane), to meet various forms of energy requirements.

With the energy crisis and environmental problems become increasingly prominent, the world actively involved in the development of new renewable energy and use. Increasing the proportion of non-fossil energy use is also the main path to effectively alleviate China's resource and environment constraints and cope with climate change. China plans to 2020 non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of primary energy consumption reached 15% in 2030 this proportion continues to increase to 30%. This means that as soon as possible to break the coal as the main body of the primary energy consumption structure, vigorously develop renewable energy is the most realistic way out. With the technological progress and industrial applications continue to break through, Biomass Generator energy as the world's fourth largest energy, is its superiority, has become one of the popular concerns of countries. Among them, Biomass Generator direct combustion power generation is an important form of large-scale utilization of Biomass Generator, and wind power, photovoltaic power generation and so on are China's strategic emerging industries.

National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute Renewable Energy Development Center Ren Dongming Director: Development and utilization of Biomass Generator energy has become an important part of China to promote the development of circular economy is to cultivate an important area of strategic emerging industries, but also to promote China's rural development an important way. "Twelve Five" period, China's Biomass Generator industry has been expanding, some areas have been initially industrialized, in the alternative fossil energy, promote environmental protection, promote farmers to increase income and so played a positive role.

First of all, Biomass Generator power generation is conducive to energy conservation. Straw burning is one of the main causes of large haze in northern China in recent years. With China's rural crop production increased significantly, straw treatment has become a major problem, large-scale burning straw repeated prohibitions. Biomass Generator power generation with carbon neutralization effect, and fossil energy than the sulfur, nitrogen and other low content, through the concentration of combustion and equipment, such as dust removal and desulfurization and other equipment, help to reduce emissions and promote air pollution control. It is estimated that the operation of a 25,000 kilowatts of Biomass Generator generating units, compared with the same type of thermal power units, the annual savings of 11 million tons of standard coal, 220,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Second, Biomass Generator power generation helps to adjust the energy consumption structure. Biomass Generator as a renewable energy source, a wide range of sources, rich in reserves, renewable and can be stored. Biomass Generator power generation principle and thermal power similar to the power stability, high quality, more friendly for the grid; compared with the same stable hydropower, Biomass Generator power generation hours of 7000-8000 hours, hydropower is only 4000- 5000 hours, while wind power, photovoltaic power generation is lower. The development of Biomass Generator power generation is one of the effective ways to replace traditional energy with renewable energy. It is an important way to replace fossil fuels, increase energy supply, adjust energy structure, and build a stable, economical, clean and safe energy supply system to ensure energy security. Significance.

Finally, Biomass Generator power generation can also help precision poverty alleviation. Biomass Generator power generation with industrial chain length, strong driving force and other characteristics, is the integration of agriculture, industry and service industry an important carrier, is the industry precision poverty alleviation tool. Installed capacity of 2.5 million kilowatts of bio-generating projects in the annual consumption of about 200,000 tons of Biomass Generator, such as the purchase price of 200 yuan per ton of straw estimates, will drive the region in the annual income of farmers more than 4000 million. Straw after burning all the ash free of charge returned to farmers for fertilizer, reduce farmer farming costs. At the same time, around the straw of the acquisition, storage, transportation and other industrial chain, for the local rural areas to provide 1,000 jobs.

Biomass Generator is currently the most widely used renewable energy, its consumption is second only to coal, oil, natural gas, ranked fourth, and in the future sustainable energy system occupies an important position. At present, the development and application of Biomass Generator energy has attracted the attention of governments and science and technology circles all over the world. In recent years, Biomass Generator power generation in China's rapid development, by the end of 2007, by the National Development and Reform Commission and the provincial Development and Reform Commission approved the Biomass Generator large-scale power generation projects have 87, the total installed capacity of 2.2 million kilowatts. The country put into operation the Biomass Generator direct combustion power generation project more than 15, about 30 projects under construction. It is foreseeable that in the next period of time, China's Biomass Generator power generation industry will maintain the momentum of rapid development. On the whole, China's Biomass Generator direct combustion power generation industry is still in its infancy, industrialization and commercialization is low, the benefits are not optimistic, the market competitiveness is weak, the lack of sustainable development capacity.