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Biomass Generator Wide Range Of Sources, Low Pollution, Strong Renewable
Aug 14, 2017

Biomass Generator is a kind of energy generation by using Biomass Generator energy possessed by Biomass Generator. It is a kind of renewable energy power generation. Biomass Generator energy, which is the energy form of solar energy stored in Biomass Generator in the form of chemical energy, that is, Biomass Generator as a carrier. It is directly or indirectly derived from the green plant photosynthesis, can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gaseous fuel, inexhaustible, is a renewable energy, but also the only one renewable Of the carbon source.

As the global fossil energy supply is tense, Biomass Generator is attracting people's attention as a source of clean, energy-efficient, less polluting, recyclable, more convenient transportation and storage. In recent years, people have a further understanding of Biomass Generator energy and research, and gradually found a variety of ways to use Biomass Generator energy. In many Biomass Generator technologies, Biomass Generator technology is one of the most promising technologies.

With the industrialization of China, the process of urbanization accelerated, the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, energy demand continued to grow, resources and the environment to the economic and social pressure is also growing. The development and utilization of renewable energy is an important measure to meet the needs of energy growth, build a resource - saving and environment - friendly society, effectively solve the rural energy problems, promote rural economic and social development and achieve sustainable development. In this context, China began to increase the development of Biomass Generator technology and industrial development.

As we all know, Biomass Generator is a sustainable access to green resources, the use of good Biomass Generator will be China's energy structure transformation, governance of air pollution plays a decisive role. However, due to the dispersion of Biomass Generator resources, bulk density is small, the collection of transport difficulties, most of the Biomass Generator is not properly used. At present in China, agricultural random burning straw, excessive fertilizer, inefficient use, have caused serious environmental pollution, and spent a lot of local government energy. To completely solve the above problems, the urgent need for a large-scale promotion of Biomass Generator high-value processing technology.

Biomass Generator gasification electricity / heat / carbon base fertilizer co-production technology is the principle of the use of thermal chemical conversion method, the Biomass Generator volatile and fixed carbon separation, volatilization pyrolysis gasification into Biomass Generator gas, fixed carbon complete conversion Become a biochar. Biomass Generator gas can be directly sent to the boiler and other equipment can be used to burn, or cooling and purification into the internal combustion generator power generation; bio-carbon due to a large number of microporous and mesoporous, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium made of carbon-based fertilizer, To achieve the slow release of fertilizer and soil water conservation and contaminated soil repair, and polymer materials made of slow release compared to bio-carbon prices are low, and completely from the Biomass Generator itself, will not bring any harm to the soil, long-term Application, will significantly improve the soil state, improve soil fertility.

 From the business model, electricity is the best goods, consumer convenience, not prone to problems; bio-carbon made of carbon-based fertilizer, can be used in local farmland, to avoid a wide range of transport fast.

Carbon-based compound fertilizer (carbon 20% ~ 30%) made by Biomass Generator carbon as raw material. After many years, the experiment has been carried out in joint agricultural institutions, agricultural institutes and local agriculture departments in different planting areas in China to test the application of carbon- It has the following advantages: Increasing soil porosity can solve the problem of soil acidification, and can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, increase water content and save water, adsorb heavy metals in soil, improve soil temperature, repair soil microorganism and improve yield and quality of agricultural products. In terms of energy saving, carbon dioxide per ton of carbon dioxide can reduce emissions of more than 2 tons of carbon dioxide.