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Cause Analysis Of High Temperature Of Diesel Generator
Dec 01, 2016

Impurities deposited in waterways, the body and the head too much, so that the water does not flow, poor cause cooling.
Second, improper operation and use. Preheating time should start the engine by using small throttle, no burst of power, and load, otherwise it will make the diesel engine roughness and temperatures soared. Or diesel engine operating for a long time, can also lead to engine overheating.
Three, severely burned oil, resulting in excessive carbon deposition, poor cooling.
Four, long-term use of diesel generator hard water, water tanks and waterways throughout the formation of large scale, poor result in cooling.
Input full load immediately after five, maintenance jobs, cause moving parts to overheat, or stuck because the clearance is too small.
Six, the lack of cooling water, and cause the engine to overheat.
Seven, late injection time cause engine overheating.