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Diesel Generator Before The Downtime, Users Should Pay Attention To What Issues
Dec 01, 2016

1, check diesel generator has no "three leakage" phenomenon, three refers to oil, fuel, coolant spills;
2, the fuel valve to turn off the generator set;
3, close the output air switch (circuit breaker);
4, close the inlet and exhaust of the generator room facilities, attention to the exhaust nozzle is covered;
5, power off the generator control panel key lock switch, remove the key;
6, for the long downtime, or power plant maintenance, must ensure the unit start battery negative cable removed.
If the outside temperature is too low, but also have to drain the fuel and coolant to prevent freezing.
Diesel power unit fails or in case of emergency need to stop operation, the operator can press the emergency stop button control screen, to immediately shut down the unit. If there are no special circumstances, does not recommend users to shut down operations through the emergency stop button on the unit.