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Diesel Generator In The Winter How To Maintain
Dec 01, 2016

1. climate change, out of cooling water in a timely manner.
Diesel generators are often an outdoor job, need to pay special attention to the changes in temperature in the winter. If the temperature is below 4 degrees should be timely drain diesel engine cooling water cooling water in the tank to ensure that cooling water not frozen in the cooling water tank. If the temperature is too low, the cooling water in the solidification process of expansion, resulting in cooling water tank burst damage.
2. change air filter.
Air filter to filter out the impurities in the air, ensuring normal operation of diesel engine cylinder. In the winter, the surface wind speed is relatively large, strong air flow and more impurities. Change air filter reduces impurities entering the cylinders, and prolong the life and safety of diesel generator sets.
3. Preheat in advance, start slowly.
Diesel generator started during the winter, low air temperature in the cylinder, the piston compressed gas is difficult to reach a temperature of spontaneous combustion of diesel. Appropriate supportive measures should be adopted before starting the diesel engine, improved engine block temperature. Should run at low speed 3-5 minutes after the start of diesel engines, generator diesel engine temperature is raised, then check the lubricating oil, diesel generator sets can be put into normal operation after the examination was normal.
4. selection of low viscosity oil.
Diesel generator set when selecting oil in winter, should try to choose the lowest viscosity engine oil. Oil viscosity will increase after a significant drop in temperature, cold startup may be subjected to great effect, causing bad generator starts. Therefore, huali electric recommends that you select a lower viscosity oil in the winter.