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Diesel Generator Set Automatically Adjust The Speed Of The Diesel Engine
May 31, 2017

Diesel Generator Set speed control system is installed in the flywheel shell on the speed of electromagnetic sensors to detect changes in speed, through the electronic governor control, driven by the actuator throttle rod, adjust the size of the oil supply, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic adjustment of speed The The speed control system mainly consists of speed detection unit, electronic governor unit and the implementing agencies and other components. The detection part is mainly composed of the speed electromagnetic sensor and the flywheel ring gear. The electromagnetic sensor measures the speed of the engine from the flywheel ring gear and converts it into a pulse signal proportional to the speed input to the electronic governor. The electronic governor will The speed signal is compared with the given speed signal and the corresponding control operation is carried out. The actuator (actuator) is driven by the power output link to change the fuel supply amount and automatically adjust the speed of the diesel engine.

1.1 speed electromagnetic sensor

Speed electromagnetic sensor by detecting the number of engine flywheel changes, get a diesel engine speed is proportional to the AC frequency signal. The induction of the AC frequency signal with the diesel engine speed, the number of teeth.

which is:

F-Zn / 60 (1)

Where f - the output voltage frequency

Z-gear teeth

M-diesel engine speed

Test engine for the German Deutz F6L912 six-cylinder engine, flywheel teeth 130. That if the engine speed is 1500r / rain, can be calculated for the factory 3250Hz.

1.2 Actuator

The actuator is connected to the diesel engine throttle through the connecting rod. When the electronic governor of the power amplifier link to provide sufficient current to drive, the excitation coil current flow on the moving core to produce electromagnetic force, to overcome the return spring force,Diesel Generator Set so that throttle open, change the size of oil supply.

1.3 electronic governor

Electronic governor is a "deviation" adjustment principle composed of the composition of the negative feedback adjustment system, mainly by the speed section (including plastic zoom module), given links, control operations (due to the use of digital microprocessors, the algorithm can be diversified Such as PID. Operation, fuzzy fuzzy. Operation, etc.), protection module, display module, drive module and so on.

At present, the domestic and foreign diesel generator sets with electronic governor most still use analog circuits to achieve. The two most typical companies are the United States Woodward and Germany Heinzmann company. And Heinzmann company is the use of frequency conversion technology to convert the electromagnetic signal frequency signal voltage, and then compare the amplification.