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Diesel Generator Set Flexible, Lightweight, Fully Furnished, Easy To Operate And Maintain
Oct 25, 2017

Diesel Generator Set is a small power generation equipment, refers to the diesel fuel, diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the power generation power generation machinery. Diesel Generator Sets are usually composed of diesel engines, generators, control boxes, starting and control batteries and other components. The whole can be fixed on the basis of positioning use, can also be installed on the trailer for mobile use.

Diesel Generator Set sets are non-continuous operation of power generation equipment, if the continuous operation of more than 12h, the output power will decline.

Although the power of Diesel Generator Sets is low, but because of its small size, flexible, lightweight, complete, easy to operate and maintain, it is widely used in mining, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments , As a backup power supply or temporary power supply. In recent years, the newly developed unattended automatic emergency power station, more expansion of the use of such generating units. In Diesel Generator Sets, diesel engines produce a certain amount of power by burning mixed air. The AC generator internal armature winding and excitation winding or permanent magnet, armature winding is the conductor, excitation winding or permanent magnet that is able to produce magnetic field. So the power of the diesel engine to drive the generator armature winding or excitation winding or permanent magnet rotation, the use of 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output the induced electromotive force, the closed load circuit can generate current.

Therefore, the principle of Diesel Generator Set is simply a diesel engine through the transmission of mechanical energy to the AC power generation, so that the generator closed circuit and the magnetic field within the generator to do the relative cutting magnetic field movement, and generate electricity.

Diesel generating units to the size of the generator output power classification, the unit power from 10kW-2000kW a variety of specifications. Each specification is divided into four protection (with super speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure protection device), emergency and mobile power plant type several structures. The mobile power station is divided into car power station and trailer power station.

Diesel Generator Set sets of export inspection is based on the contract or technical agreement of the relevant technical or economic indicators for testing, the user in the selection and signing, should note the following:

(1) If there is a difference between the environmental conditions and the environmental conditions of the Diesel Generator Set set, the temperature, humidity and altitude values shall be stated at the time of signing to provide suitable models and ancillary equipment;

(2) explain the use of the cooling method, especially large capacity units, should pay attention;

(3) order, in addition to the unit model should be stated, but also that the choice of models;

(4) the normal supply, to provide a certain amount of wearing parts, and other needs, should also be explained.

There are many parts of the Diesel Generator Set, and some parts also rotate or move with the machine. Such as piston and cylinder, crankshaft and bearings. So that since these parts will exercise that will naturally wear, we call this for the natural wear and tear, this wear and tear is inevitable, so we can only maximize their service life, to play the maximum value of these parts The In fact, through the correct selection of materials with each other parts, the use of advanced and reasonable heat treatment methods to improve the contact surface contact quality and coordination of the situation, improve the cooling and lubrication, timely maintenance and other aspects of positive measures, this wear and tear will be significantly Reduce, so as to improve the reliability of diesel engine work to extend the service life.