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Diesel Generator Set Pay Attention To Observation And Maintenance
Oct 11, 2017

In the diesel generator set, the diesel engine can produce a certain power by burning mixed air. and the alternator internal armature winding and excitation winding or permanent magnet, armature winding is the conductor, excitation Windings or permanent magnets are capable of producing magnetic fields. Therefore, through the engine power to drive the generator armature winding or excitation winding or permanent magnet rotation, using the ' electromagnetic induction ' principle, the generator Will output induction electromotive force, the closed load loop can generate current. Therefore, in simple terms, the principle of the diesel generator is that the diesel engine can transmit electricity to the AC generator by passing the machine.

The internal circuit of the motor is relative to the magnetic field in the generator, which produces electrical energy. Diesel engines are compressed naturally by mixing air, so the fuel for diesel engines The system is relatively complex. Diesel engine fuel supply system not only to configure a certain number and concentration of mixed gas, but also a certain amount of pressure. The diesel engine inhaled in the intake stroke is pure Air。 At the end of the compression stroke, diesel oil by injection pump will increase the oil pressure to more than 10MPa, through the injector injected into the cylinder, in a very short time with the compressed high temperature air mixture, forming can be Gas mixture. Because the compression ratio of diesel engine is high (generally 16-22), the air pressure in cylinder can reach 3 at the end of compression. 5-4.5MPa, while the temperature is up to 750-1000k (while the petrol engine is in this The mixed gas pressure will be 0. $number. 2MPa, temperature up to 600-700k), greatly exceeding the ignition temperature of diesel. As a result, diesel is immediately mixed with air after being injected into the cylinder.

Spontaneous combustion. The air pressure in the cylinder rises rapidly to the 6-9mpa, and the temperature rises to the 2000-2500k. Driven by high-pressure gas, the piston moves downward and drives the crankshaft to rotate, and the exhaust

The sample is discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust pipe.

Perhaps there are techniques and maintenance methods to increase the service life of diesel generators, but can the use of diesel fuel be extended? In fact, diesel can also prolong the service life, the industry has made an evaluation,

Usually to change the "three filters", the unit's diesel really extended the use of the process. "Three filters" refers to the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter, if the three filter long time does not replace the words will be created

into a nozzle jam. The blockage of the turbid matter can cause the gasoline to become dirty and shorten the service life. The first item in the maintenance of the second-insured engine is the replacement of the third filtration, which is of course intended to clean Oil and fuel to protect the normal operation of the engine. So we should pay attention to any part of the observation and maintenance.

There are many parts for diesel generators, and some of them rotate or move as the machine moves. such as piston and cylinder liner, crankshaft and bearings. So, since these parts are going to move,Naturally wear, we call this natural wear, this wear is unavoidable, so we can only maximize their service life extension, play out these parts of the largest

Value。In fact, through the correct selection of materials to match the parts, the use of advanced and reasonable heat treatment methods to improve the contact surface of the parts of the processing quality and coordination status, improve cooling and lubrication,The timely maintenance and maintenance of the positive measures, such wear will be significantly reduced, so as to improve diesel engine reliability, prolong the service life. How to buy diesel generators accurately, this

The first is to look at the user needs, the use of power and purpose to be clear to make the next choice. Usually in terms of power we will add 10% power reserves based on the user's total load, which is both economical and

Practical, when the diesel generator load reaches 75%-85% between the most can save fuel and service life enhanced. In the model of Olibo recommended as far as possible to choose domestic models, the current domestic price/performance ratio is still a comparison High, after-sales service is also relatively complete and convenient. Finally, we should consider the quality of manufacturers, strength, visibility and so on. Users are best to visit the field, after all, mechanical equipment need to strictly control, there can be no slack.