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Diesel Generator Set Reduce Costs And Ease Maintenance
Oct 11, 2017

Advantages of natural gas generating units

1, good start, start a high success rate

From the cold start after the success of the full load time is only 30 seconds, and the international requirements of diesel generator set 3 minutes after the success of the load. The gas generator can guarantee the success rate in any environment and climate.

2, power quality is good

As the generator set only work when the rotary motion, the electric response speed is fast, the work is particularly stable, the generator output voltage and frequency accuracy is high, the fluctuation is small, in the sudden increase of 50% and 75% negative, the unit operation is very stable , Better than diesel generator sets of electrical performance instructions.

3, the use of flammable gas is clean, cheap energy

For example: gas, bell, gas, biogas, etc., to their fuel for the generating unit is not only reliable, low cost, and turning waste into treasure, will not produce pollution.

4, the noise is small

As the gas turbine out of high-speed rotation, his vibration is small, and low-frequency noise due to diesel generator sets.

If the combustible gases contain high sulfur and ammonia, not only will the corrosion of the spark plug electrode, but also make the oil in the acid value increases, corrosion of internal parts, while easy to produce sediment, increase the engine wear and corrosion.

1. Natural gas engine, advanced structural design (oil-water cooling supercharger, low friction technology, high temperature, corrosion resistant valve technology, combustor compression ratio optimization, electrical cabinet integration technology, institutions more compact, cost reduction, easy maintenance) The

2, advanced combustion control technology (with our control technology to achieve low-pressure combustion, lean combustion, high-energy ignition, the whole operating conditions calibration. Advanced closed-loop control, transient process adaptive, functional start, BD fault diagnosis).

3, low temperature, long life, (heavy load when the gas concentration is thinner thin burning, so that the engine exhaust temperature can be better control, while the unit load expectations can be appropriate to enhance, enhance unit utilization, extend the service life, Greater economic value).

4, for general power frequency demand, to achieve 50HZ60HZ (ie 1500rpm1800rpm) free switching function, greatly improve the versatility of gas generators, making customers lower.

5, the customer can use the potentiometer to adjust the target speed, low cost to achieve the target speed fine-tuning.

6, our control system developed for air-fuel ratio real-time feedback of the display lights. Can be from the color, brightness, on-off state analysis of air-fuel ratio real-time operating range. For the customer to run the engine to provide a good reference.

7, a wide range of combustion gases

8, high economy

9, flexible maintenance

10, leading environmental technology

11, all electronic intelligent control, high degree of automation