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Diesel Generator Set There Is A High Degree Of Security To Support Real-time Allocation
Jul 04, 2017

The two machines are installed on the same base, the two together to work together is the key to the connection between the two machines. The crankshaft of the engine and the rotor shaft of the generator are their only connecting parts, which is also the difficulty of installing the technology. In order to minimize the friction loss due to the connection, the energy transmission efficiency is improved. Modern Diesel Generator Set are generally the rotor shaft of the synchronous generator through the flange, the end cap, and the diesel engine crankshaft end of the flywheel on the shell positioning directly connected to ensure the concentricity of the two axes. At the same time, between the two components also use cylindrical elastic coupling transmission mechanical energy, driving the generator rotor shaft rotation.

In order to combine the two different working principles and performance machines on the same chassis, there must be a command center to work consistently and efficiently. This is the diesel power unit control cabinet (screen). It connects the two together through a cable to form an information continuum. Not only to control their working conditions, but also real-time monitoring of their working parameters, given a variety of instructions to their work instructions. At the same time, but also with the outside world related equipment, load, and even managers to establish an interactive interface. The control cabinet is the command center of the diesel generator set.

Diesel Generator Set with its output power from small to large, the control cabinet from simple to complex. With the development of electronic technology, for the control cabinet continue to adopt new technologies to improve its performance and quality to provide favorable conditions. Modern diesel generators control cabinet, in addition to the power of small units, are basically a microprocessor or programmable controller (PLC) as the core of the intelligent control equipment. So it also achieved a variety of diesel generator operating data of the intelligent, digital processing. This is more than the previous diesel generator set by analog indicator and relay control, to be automatic, fast, much more accurate. Its more prominent feature is: pulse coding based digital information flow, than the continuous analog has a stronger anti-jamming capability. Coupled with the use of software to further enhance the purity of information flow. So that even if the control cabinet installed in the vicinity of generators and diesel engines, but also can withstand electromagnetic field and high temperature interference and stable and reliable work.

With 16 or 32-bit microprocessor as the core of the control cabinet, diesel generator can be fully automated operation, and real-time display of various operating parameters. But also on the Internet remote monitoring or wireless remote control. Human-computer interaction is also a feature of it; users can set some instructions according to need, so that the operation of diesel generating units more in line with their wishes. The CAN bus data transmission system used in the control cabinet conforms to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard, which is a set of communication protocols with high security and effective support for real-time allocation commands. The advantage is high-speed network applications, high reliability of information transmission and low-cost wiring. Diesel Generator Set through it, many parts of the sensor sent to the various operating data into the microprocessor. And then its analysis, processing results, in the form of instructions to the corresponding regulatory components to control. So that diesel generating units in the best working conditions.

(1) control panel (screen) introduction

Panel can be divided into left, middle and right three parts:

① the upper left corner is the control cabinet open key ON. The following 15 keys as programming: 0 ~ 9 of these 10 keys can enter the number. M key to select the mode, ESC key for the escape code, ← → two keys is to browse the home page or select the mode left and right to type the number of keys, V key to confirm.

② the middle part of the LCD display above, can display 8 lines of 21 characters. It can indicate in real time many of the parameters in the operation of the diesel generator set.

The following are the various operation keys: AUTO is the unit automatic operation key. When the control cabinet is connected with the main switchboard (ATS), the Diesel Generator Set operate according to the instructions of ATS: the electricity is normal and the unit does not work; The electricity is interrupted and the unit starts off immediately. STOP stop key, can be manually stopped. TEST test, test key, press it later, you can use the MANU manual key to start the diesel generator, the operation of its test. RESET is the reset button after the unit has failed. Its right is the panel on all the LED small indicator light test keys. Press it, all the small lights will be lit in order to test whether the indicator is working properly.

③ The top part of the panel is the real-time operating parameters of the measurement function area: its U / V key, used to view the synchronous generator output voltage. Press it, LCD display immediately indicate the line voltage U and phase voltage V real-time measurements. Touch I key, then show the synchronous generator A, B, C three phase output of the phase current. F key is to select the LCD screen to see the output frequency. It is next to the diesel generator operating status measurement keys, you can see the diesel engine speed, running time and the unit starting with the battery voltage. The four small buttons below the four measurement keys, from their respective right side of the schematic diagram that is some of the operation / safety indicator. (Oil) abnormal; B. Water temperature (coolant) abnormal; C. can not start (Diesel Generator Set (diesel) ); D. Overspeed (unit speed); E. Loading preparation (access load); F charge failure (for the start of the battery); G. General alarm; H general failure. During the operation of the diesel generator set, the corresponding indicator light will turn on or flash as long as these 8 cases occur. The two keys below the eight Run / Safety Indicators are used to control the air circuit breaker of the generator at the synchronous generator. Press the I key to close the air circuit breaker and separate the O key.

(2) the function of the control cabinet

The control panel (screen) is the personal computer interface: these functions on the interface, in fact, is installed by the control cabinet to 16-bit microprocessor or programmable controller as the core of the control board provided. Information analysis, processing quickly and accurately control board, its function in addition to the panel of these buttons and indicators have been provided, there are:

① control function

The unit manually or automatically start unsuccessful control; unit for the first time unsuccessful start, about 30s and then start again, if still can not start the third time. Three starts failed, the control circuit to prohibit the restart of the diesel engine unit.

The unit starts successfully, the generator normally generates electricity, controls the main switch to close the load transmission. After the utility power is restored, the main switch is controlled from the load.

② protection function

Overcurrent protection: When the load circuit overcurrent phenomenon, the main switch sub-gate.

· Short circuit protection: When a short circuit occurs, the main switch immediately opens and cuts off the circuit.

· Overvoltage / undervoltage protection: When the generator output voltage is higher or lower than the standard value range, the main switch automatically opens; after the voltage returns to normal, the main switch automatically closes.

When the diesel engine appears low oil pressure, high water temperature, speeding and other abnormalities automatically shut down.

When the battery voltage reaches the minimum value, the automatic shutdown.

③ other functions

• Store the crew status by date.

• Connect to the CAN bus of the AVR of the diesel engine electronic governor and the synchronous generator.

RS232 or RS485 communication interface.