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Domestic Diesel Generator Development Trends
Dec 01, 2016

1. the generator performance and forms
In order to meet practical needs, diesel generator set generator in the performance gradually improved, and eclectic. Therefore, the Shandong lvhuan brand diesel generator set manufacturers develop innovative, progressive and diverse forms generator performance and made a lot of efforts.
2. the rapid development of start-up and stop
For reduced generator time, diesel generator sets the start and stop time as short as possible, so you need very high starting and stopping plus (minus) speed. At present, in diverse forms generator performance and made a lot of efforts, starting and stopping acceleration may reach more than LG at top speed, start and stop time less than ls.
3. bearing and pre load imposed way, and lubrication way diversification diesel generator group except General of steel business bearing outside, in recent years ceramic ball mixed bearing increasingly get widely of application, lubrication way has oil, and oil fog, and oil and gas,, especially oil and gas lubrication method due to has adapted high-speed, and environmental energy-saving of features, get increasingly widely of promotion and application; scroll bearing of pre load imposed way except rigid pre load (and said positioning pre load), and elastic pre load (and said set pressure pre load) zhiwai, Development of an intelligent pre-load, using hydraulic cylinder placed on the bearing preload, and can be based on spindle rotation speed, specific operating conditions such as load control the size of the load, the bearing support with better performance.