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Engineering Summary Of Diesel Generator Generator Maintenance Work The Importance Of
Dec 01, 2016

► Generators lubrication system: oil change, filters, oil change.
► Generator power inlet and exhaust systems: clean or replace the air filter, check intake and exhaust system for leaks, adjust the valve clearance cleaning crankcase ventilation.
► Generator powered fuel system: bottom of the discharged fuel impurities, clean or replace diesel rough filtration, replacement diesel fuel fine filter, check the fuel lines for leaks, hand-pumps.
► Diesel generator-powered cooling system: check the fan and cooling chip, thermostat, adjust or replace the fan belts, waterway for cleaning radiator tanks and engine and replace the coolant.
► Electrical generator: check the starter motor, switch, start knob, emergency stop relay, charging generators, AC charger, starter batteries, speed sensor and engine control line, the tightness of the generator stator, a rotor and dust removal, check the State of excitation system.