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Gasoline Generator Improved Operability, Security
Nov 03, 2017

The engine corrosion of a gasoline generator is a phenomenon of failure caused by the action of the metal parts in the surrounding medium.

The types of generator corrosion in gasoline generators include chemical corrosion, cavitation and electrochemical corrosion, three kinds. The corrosion of the engine in the gasoline generator is mainly characterized by chemical corrosion and cavitation.

1. Petrol generator engine chemical corrosion

The failure form caused by the chemical action of the metal part and the medium directly is called chemical corrosion. Corrosion products are directly generated in the corrosion of the site, and on the metal surface forming a surface film. The characteristics of the film determine the speed of chemical corrosion, such as the integrity of the membrane, it is conducive to the protection of metal parts and slow corrosion. In a diesel engine, the corrosion of the inner wall of the cylinder liner, which is caused by the acidic gas in the gas, belongs to the chemical corrosion.

2. Petrol Generator engine cavitation

Cavitation (also known as cavitation) is a form of failure that occurs when a part is in contact with a liquid and has a high frequency impact. This type of failure is characterized by the presence of pitting and pinhole in the local area, and a cavities group of clusters that are clustered when serious.

The diameter of the small hole can reach the IMM or even a few millimeters,Gasoline Generator the depth can penetrate the parts. The outer wall and sliding bearing of the wet cylinder sleeve can be damaged by cavitation. Because of the intensified action of gasoline engine, cavitation of cylinder liner is more serious, cavitation erosion has become one of the important factors that affect the life of cylinder liner.

3. Gasoline Generator engine electrochemical corrosion

The electrochemical effect of the metal surface on the surrounding medium and the corrosion caused by electric current is called electrochemical corrosion.