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Gasoline Generator Is Conducive To The Protection Of Metal Parts And Slow Down The Corrosion
Oct 25, 2017

Gasoline Generator engine corrosion refers to the metal parts by the role of the surrounding medium caused by the phenomenon of failure.

Gasoline generator generator corrosion types include chemical corrosion, cavitation and electrochemical corrosion of three. The corrosion of the engine in the gasoline generator is mainly chemical corrosion and cavitation.

1. Engine chemical corrosion of gasoline generators

Metal parts and media directly caused by the chemical effect of the failure caused by chemical corrosion. The corrosion product is directly generated at the site where corrosion occurs and a surface film is formed on the metal surface. The properties of the film determine the speed of chemical corrosion, such as membrane integrity tight, it is conducive to the protection of metal parts and slow down the corrosion. In the diesel engine, the inner wall of the cylinder liner by the gas in the gas caused by the role of corrosion that is chemical corrosion.

2. Gasoline generator engine cavitation

Cavitation (also known as cavitation) is a failure form when the part is in contact with the liquid and has a high frequency impact. This failure is characterized by the presence of pitting and pinholes in the local area, and the honeycomb-like clusters in the form of clusters.

The diameter of the hole can reach Imm or even a few millimeters, the depth can penetrate the parts. Wet cylinder liner outer wall, sliding bearings and so may be due to the occurrence of corrosion and was destroyed. As the Gasoline Generator to strengthen the role of the cylinder liner of the phenomenon of more serious cavitation, cavitation has become an important factor affecting the life of the cylinder liner.

3. Electrochemical corrosion of Gasoline Generator

Metal surface and the surrounding medium electrochemical effect and the current generated by the corrosion known as electrochemical corrosion.

Gasoline generators have a lot of advantages, but also a failure, many people will ask how to do a gasoline generator failure, gasoline generator repair method is what. In the case of

First, replace the oil frequency:

Replace the oil for the first time after 20 hours of replacement for the first time, after every 50 hours of operation. In the case of

Second, replace the oil need to note:

1, replace the oil, let the engine run for a few minutes before the stop, loose loose oil plug. In the case of

2, before refueling to reload the oil plug. In the case of

3, please use the manufacturer or supplier recommended oil brand. In the case of

, Often use the most advanced and clean oil. Dirty oil, poor quality oil and lack of oil will damage the engine or shorten the life of the engine. Replace the oil filter for the first time after 20 hours of operation. After every 200 small change the oil filter. Replace the new oil filter, to change the 0 ring coated with oil, the oil filter installed. When the 0-ring is in contact with the sealing surface of the engine, rotate the oil filter by hand or wrench for 2/3 turns. Run the engine for one minute. Then stop the engine, check for oil spills near the oil filter, and check the oil level again.

Third, note:

In order to prevent injury, in the replacement of oil filter, pay attention to the overflow of hot oil. In the case of

Maintenance of the air cleaner The dirty air filter can cause difficulties in starting, causing power loss, engine failure, and greatly reducing engine life. In the case of

The air cleaner should be kept clean. In dusty environments, air filter filters are replaced more frequently. After removing the cock and air cleaner cover, remove the air filter paper internal components and the external components of the urethane foam. When installed, place the paper element and urethane foam on the air cleaner base. Check if the pad is in place, then install the cover and tighten the cock.