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Generating Units High Reliability
Aug 14, 2017

In general, our common generating units are usually driven by steam turbines, turbines or internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines, etc.). In recent years, renewable energy sources include nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, and ocean energy. As the capacity of diesel generators larger, and the machine can run and continue to supply a long time, but also independent operation, not with the regional grid side by side operation, from the power grid failure, high reliability. Especially for some areas commonly used electricity is not very reliable case, the diesel generator as a backup power supply, both can play the role of emergency power supply, but also through the rational optimization of low-voltage system,Generating Units some of the more important load in the power outage When used, so in the project has been widely used. The basic principles and structure of the common generator sets are described below.

Generating unit operating procedures

First, start before the preparation. Every time you have to check the diesel water tank before the start of the cooling water or antifreeze is met, such as the lack of to fill. Pull the oil gauge to see if the lack of lubricants, such as the lack of added to the provisions of the "static" scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts of the hidden trouble, such as failure to promptly ruled out before the boot.

Second, is strictly prohibited with a load to start the diesel engine. Before starting the diesel engine, pay attention to the generator output air switch must be in the closed state. Ordinary Generating Unit Diesel engine after 5 minutes to start the idle operation (700 r / min or so) winter temperature is low,Generating Units idling time should be extended for a few minutes. After the start of the diesel engine to observe the oil pressure is normal and whether the oil spill, water leakage and other abnormal phenomena, (under normal circumstances the oil pressure must be above 0.2MPa) If abnormal abnormal downtime repair. If there is no abnormal phenomenon to raise the engine speed to the rated speed of 1500 r / min, this time the generator display frequency 50HZ, voltage 400V, you can close the output air switch put into use. The generator set does not allow long no-load operation. (Due to prolonged no-load operation will make the diesel fuel injection nozzle can not be completely burned diesel fuel, resulting in valve, piston ring leakage.) If it is automated generator, you do not need idle operation, because the automation unit are generally Equipped with water heater,Generating Units so that the diesel engine block is always maintained at 45C orbit, the diesel engine can be started in 8-15 seconds after the normal power transmission.

Third, pay attention to observe the operation of the working state. Generators in the work, to have someone on duty, often pay attention to observe a series of possible failures,Generating Units with particular attention to oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, frequency and other important factors. Also note that there are enough diesel, in the operation, such as fuel interruption,Generating Units objectively caused by load parking, may cause the generator excitation control system and related components damage.

Fourth, is strictly prohibited with load shutdown. Each time before the shutdown, you must first cut off the load, and then turn off the generator output air switch, and finally slow down the engine to idle mode running about 3-5 minutes and then stop.