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Generating Units Sealing, Anti-leakage, Rust Prevention And Cushioning
Nov 03, 2017

What are some of the issues that enterprises should pay attention to when choosing a Generating Units? Diesel Generating Unitss are widely used in hospitals, hotel hotels, real estate, schools, communications industry and other departments, industrial and mining enterprises and other special purposes of the independent power supply. Companies in the purchase of diesel generators to have their own standards, choose the right to their own diesel Generating Unitss.

1. The purchase of diesel Generating Units performance and quality must meet the relevant standards requirements for the purchase of communications diesel Generating Unitss, must meet the requirements of the gb2820-1997 G3 level or G4 level, at the same time, and the "Communication diesel Generating Units into the network quality certification test Implementation rules" provisions of the 24 performance indicators requirements, At the same time through the Ministry of Industry in China set up by the competent department of communication power Equipment quality Supervision and inspection center of strict testing.

The purchase of the military communications diesel Generating Unitss, must meet the relevant gb2820-1997, GJB relevant standards and the relevant departments of the force to establish the "Communication power equipment quality testing standards," and through the relevant organization department to the quality of the strict testing.

2. Major factors to consider when purchasing

The main factors to be considered in the selection of diesel generating sets are mechanical and electrical properties, the purpose of the Unit, the capacity and scope of the load, and the automation function.

Use of ① and Generating Unitss. The diesel Generating Units can be used in 3 cases such as common, standby and emergency. Therefore, the requirements of the diesel Generating Unitss are different.

②, generator unit load capacity. The range of load capacity and load should be selected according to different use, and the capacity of diesel generating unit and Standby diesel Generator unit should be determined.

Environmental conditions for the use of ③ and generator units (mainly altitude and climatic conditions)

Selection of ④ and diesel generating sets

⑤ and selection of Generating Unitss should pay attention to generator and excitation mode

Selection of automation function for ⑥ and diesel generating sets

Oil, that is, the engine lubricating oil, can lubricate and reduce the engine lubrication, auxiliary cooling cooling, sealing leak prevention, rust prevention, shock absorber and other functions.

We know that there will be a lot of friction-moving metal surfaces when the generator is running, fast motion, poor environment, and temperature of up to 400 ℃ to 600 ℃, in this case, only the use of qualified lubricants can reduce friction parts of the friction resistance, reduce the wear and tear parts, and part of the cooling friction components, Clean the friction surface and prolong the service life.

Let us have a specific understanding of the role of lubricants, as follows:

1, lubrication and antifriction: between the piston and the cylinder, the spindle and the bearing pad between the rapid relative sliding, so that the need to create oil film between the two sliding surface, so as to prevent parts too fast wear. At the same time enough thickness of the oil film can be relatively sliding parts of the surface, to reduce wear.

2. Cooling and Cooling: the oil can bring the heat back to the fuel tank and then distribute it to the air to help the cooling engine.

3, cleaning: Good oil can be the engine parts of the carbide, sludge, wear metal particles through the circulation of the oil tank, through the flow of lubricating oil, washing the parts face produced dirt.

4, seal leakage: oil can be between the piston ring and the piston to form a seal ring, reduce the leakage of gas and prevent the external contaminants to enter

5, Anti-rust anti-corrosion: Lubricating oil can absorb adsorption on the surface of the parts to prevent water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases and parts contact.

6, damping buffer: when the engine cylinder mouth pressure rises sharply, suddenly aggravating piston, piston crumbs, connecting rods and crankshaft bearings on the load is very large, this load through the bearing of the transmission lubrication, so that the impact of the load to cushion the role.