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Generating Units Self-protection Function
Oct 25, 2017

In general, our common generating units are usually driven by steam turbines, turbines or internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines, etc.). In recent years, renewable energy sources include nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, and ocean energy. As the capacity of diesel generating units larger, and the machine can run and continue to supply a long time, but also independent operation, not with the regional grid side by side operation, from the power grid failure, high reliability. Especially for some areas commonly used electricity is not very reliable case, the diesel generator as a backup power supply, both can play the role of emergency power supply, but also through the rational optimization of low-voltage system, some of the more important load in the power outage When used, so in the project has been widely used. The following basic principles and structure of the common generating units were introduced.

Diesel engine-driven generator operation, the energy of diesel oil into electricity, according to their different uses can be divided into land-based diesel generator sets and marine diesel generating units; if by brand, can be divided into domestic diesel generators and imported diesel Generating units; according to the speed of different, can be divided into low-speed generating units and high-speed generating units.

The diesel engine drives the generator to turn the energy of the diesel into electrical energy. In the diesel engine cylinder, after the air filter filtered clean air and the nozzle injection of high-pressure atomized diesel fuel fully mixed in the piston upstream extrusion, the volume shrinks, the temperature quickly increased to reach the diesel fuel. Diesel is lit, mixed gas violent combustion, the volume of rapid expansion, to promote the piston down, known as 'work'. The cylinder in a certain order in turn, the role of the thrust on the piston through the connecting rod into the power to promote the crankshaft rotation, thus driving the crankshaft rotation. The brushless synchronous alternator and the diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the rotor, the use of 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output the induced electromotive force, the closed load circuit can produce current The Here only describes the most basic working principle of the generator set. To get a usable, stable power output, a range of diesel and generator controls are needed to protect the device and the circuit.

An ordinary type diesel generator set mainly consists of diesel engine, generator and control system composed of three parts, diesel engine and generator have two kinds of connection, one for the flexible connection, that is, with the coupling of the two parts of the docking, two for the rigid connection , With high-strength bolts to the generator steel connecting plate and diesel engine flywheel connected to the current diesel generator sets on the market using more rigid connection, diesel engine and generator connected after the installation of the public chassis, and then Coupled with a variety of protective sensors, such as water temperature sensor, through these sensors, intuitive to show the operation of the diesel engine to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set an upper limit, when reached or exceeded this limit When the control system will be a pre-alarm, this time if the operator did not take measures, the control system will automatically stop the unit, diesel generator is to take this way from the role of self-protection. The sensor from the reception and feedback of the role of a variety of information, and truly display these data and the implementation of the protection function is the diesel generator control system, the control panel is generally installed in the generator, called the backpack control screen, there are some independent of a screen placed In the operating room, called the split control screen, the control panel through the cable and the generator and the sensor connection, respectively, electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters. In addition, the generating units are chassis, couplings, radiators, fuel tanks, and some also equipped with muffler and cover.