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Generating Units Stable Operation To Provide Favorable Protection
May 31, 2017

At present, in the process of rapid development of China's electric power industry, how to ensure the stability and safety of supply electricity has become a concern of various energy supply agencies. Thermal power plant as an important part of China's power supply, how to strengthen the safe operation of its various equipment to ensure the normal supply of electricity, but also a matter worthy of attention. In the thermal power plant, the Generating Units equipment is a very important part of the protection of thermal power plant is the key to safe operation. Therefore, to effectively improve its quality of operation, to strengthen its technological innovation and practice, is to ensure the safe operation of thermal power plant strong conditions. In addition, the equipment in the process of running, for the emergence of electrical failure in a timely manner to solve, but also to ensure the normal power supply of thermal power plant key factors.

In order to reduce the incidence of electrical failure in the work of electrical fault management of thermal power plant in China, we should use the preventive equipment maintenance theory to carry out all-round analysis to determine the potential hazards in the unit, so as to formulate the relevant solutions as soon as possible. Fundamentally eliminate the risk factors. In addition, pay attention to the daily maintenance program of the Generating Units, and according to the actual operation of the generator to establish a regular maintenance and maintenance measures. So as to promptly find and solve the problems arising in the unit, effectively avoid the emergence of electrical failure units for the unit to provide a stable operation of the stable protection.

Because the structure of the generator is more complicated, the equipment is closely connected, and the electrical fault is very easy during the operation. In the event of an electrical fault, if you can not find the location and cause of the failure as soon as possible, it will increase the difficulty of troubleshooting. There are many reasons for the failure of the Generating Units, perhaps the internal factors of the equipment, and perhaps the individual factors such as the electronic control system. Therefore, in dealing with the electrical unit electrical failure, should be based on "first after the inside, first cooked after birth, Jane Jane Fan" the basic principles of electrical failure reasons and location of the investigation. And for troubleshooting reasons for the investigation, to take reasonable and efficient maintenance measures.

In the process of electrical failure maintenance of the generating units, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant specifications to ensure that the maintenance efficiency of the effective upgrade. The specific construction steps are as follows: (1) in the generator unit electrical failure, the staff should first be based on the actual situation of the fault site to conduct a preliminary check to find out the cause and location of the failure. (2) to strengthen communication with the equipment operators, the causes of electrical failure to exclude one by one to determine the specific causes of failure. (3) to determine the cause of electrical failure, the specific location of the failure to conduct a careful inspection, and take effective maintenance measures. At the same time, in order to reduce the electrical equipment failure, but also should be more vulnerable to damage to the special electrical components for preventive replacement to fully ensure the stable operation of generating units.

In the thermal power plant generating units in the process of running, resulting in electrical problems occur there are many power generation units, such as the generator structure is more complex, electrical equipment, high precision, these factors are easy to cause Generating Unitss electrical failure. When the generator unit electrical failure, its inspection and maintenance have some difficulties, but also on the stable operation of various devices have a serious impact.

3.1 Part of the power unit of the electrical equipment line casing temperature is too high

In general, the generator system in the run-time, often produce some useless power once the utility power overload, it will cause the bottom of the Generating Units a serious magnetic flux leakage, resulting in increased line casing temperature, seriously affecting the safe and stable operation of equipment The In addition, due to the energy generated by the eddy current in the magnetic field of the Generating Units, the heat generated is also a factor contributing to the increase in the temperature of the wire casing. Line casing temperature beyond a certain limit, it will produce line casing fracture phenomenon.

Maintenance measures: In order to ensure the integrity of the wire casing during the operation of the Generating Units, a conductive shielding device can be installed in the core end plate of the Generating Units for effective electromagnetic shielding. In addition, the shape of the core end plate is designed as a stepped type. To a certain extent, can also play an effective magnetoresistance. At the same time, the laminated pieces are segmented and are effective measures to increase their resistance. And the lamination segment can also increase the vortex path, reducing the eddy current wear and tear.

3.2 Generators of the large axis of magnetization and demagnetization

In general, the generator rotor contains chromium, nickel and other ingredients. When some unbalanced electromagnetic waves pass through the rotor, these materials react with them, causing the element to be magnetized. Once the magnetization occurs, even if the engine unit stops working, the remanence is still present, and then through the contact with other parts, friction, resulting in axial current. When the axial current reaches a certain level, it will burn the bearing.

Maintenance measures: the generator rotor of the ground after the phenomenon, the management and maintenance personnel should be promptly based on their specific causes and specific location to check and repair. And in the daily maintenance of generating units, but also should strengthen the exciter, bearing insulation and oil pipeline insulation system, such as the daily maintenance of inspection work. In addition, the motor components to be demagnetized can be placed in the excitation coil, increase the excitation current; lift the demagnetization components to reduce the current. When the current will be zero, it will complete demagnetization.

3.3 Generator connected parts of the rotor failure

In the operation of the Generating Units, the parts that are prone to failure are: the contact piece between the generator and the rotor of the main exciter, the turns of the unit in the unit, the coupling of the AC exciter and the permanent magnet, etc. Parts. The operation of the generating unit due to frequent friction, the turn of the block due to friction heat, resulting in deformation of aging, there are various parts of the connection is also often loose. If not timely detection and maintenance, it is likely to cause debris into the rotor, affecting the normal operation of the unit, resulting in mechanical failure.

Maintenance measures: (1) AC resistance test: According to the current size of the active coil and other relevant parameters of the generator to assess whether the equipment can be used normally. (2) Turn the number of turns: Focus on whether the insulation between the turns of the rotating coil is good. (3) active coil connection part of main exciter and generator. This part should focus on maintenance and repair, because the rotor wear rate is relatively high, so prone to damage. This requires us to pay special attention when doing maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the unit. (4) rotor: for the maintenance of the rotor, should focus on the detection of ventilation protection device, to ensure that its clean and no foreign body, no clogging.

Regular maintenance and inspection can not only detect the problems of equipment in order to carry out maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the unit, but also can extend the service life of the equipment.