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Natural Gas Generator Simple Structure, Easy To Use And Maintain
Aug 02, 2017

The effect of the air cleaner in the natural gas generator is to filter out the dust entering the air in the cylinder to ensure that the engine has enough clean air to mix with the fuel to produce combustion. The engine requires 14 kg / air for each 1 kg of fuel / Dust into the air of the dust, will greatly increase the cylinder, piston, piston ring wear, according to dryland test, especially the harvester operating environment even worse, if you do not use air filter, the wear rate of the machine to increase 3-9 Times Therefore, the diesel engine work, do not have or use the missing parts and damaged air filter is absolutely not allowed. The requirements of the air filter is: the ability to filter clear on the air resistance is small, simple structure, use, easy maintenance.

At present, the Natural Gas Generator commonly used paper filter type {dry}, inertia oil bath and compound filter type three. In use should pay attention to:

1, the air filter cover the air inlet, the other pipe joints should be sealed, no leakage, otherwise, will make the air without filtering directly into the cylinder.

2, regular cleaning filter, remove the dust cover dust, carefully brush to the paper core dust on the dust, you can also use the pump from the filter center hole out of the dust, to prevent damage to the paper filter, such as damage It should be replaced.

3, for inertia oil bath and composite filter, the regular replacement of oil in the oil bath, and diesel cleaning filter, add oil in the oil tank, it should be added to the provisions of the line, add too much with the air Into the cylinder burning, causing diesel engine speed.

The natural gas generator is used in a fixed installation mode at a communication base station, and the generator output AC is connected to an existing base station AC input distribution box. In the case of power failure, the priority battery-powered, until the battery discharge to a certain extent (through voltage detection), natural gas power generation equipment automatically start to generate electricity, after starting the generator can carry all the equipment within the base station.

Natural gas generator's own automatic control system with RS222 intelligent output interface, can be directly access to improve the mature monitoring network. The monitoring center can read the various operating data and status of the natural gas generator, such as voltage, current, frequency, temperature, gas, oil level and other alarm and alarm information.