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What Is A Gas Engine Generator Sets
Dec 01, 2016

Gas engine power generation unit is a gas, gas, gas, gas, bio-gas combustible gas fires, instead of gasoline and diesel as the engine of new, efficient and environmentally friendly new energy gas-fired generators. Gas engine generator set has a wide output power range, start and high reliability, power quality, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, low noise advantages, they have the following four advantages:
1. the power of good quality
Only reciprocating motion due to gas engines work, adjusting the reaction speed, particularly smooth, generator output voltage and high frequency accuracy, less fluctuation, sudden empty 50% and 75% load reduction, unit operation stability. Better than diesel generators electrical performance.
2. start the performance, start a high success rate
From a cold start after the success of the full load only 30 seconds, while international diesel generator starts 3 minutes after a successful load. Gas engine generator set in any temperature and climate guarantee launch success rate.
3. low noise and little vibration
Because the gas engine generator sets in high speed reciprocating motion, it has very little vibration, and low frequency noise than diesel generators.